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Do you have dental questions you want answered? Are you hesitant to have your child undergo a major procedure because you lack the information you need to decide? Get in touch with Joseph Zucchero DDS in Chicago, IL and learn about general tooth care or specific dental procedures. Read our answers to some of the frequently asked questions in our practice.

At what age should a child visit the dentist?

Dr. Zuccero
It is astounding to realize that 40% of all children by the age of five develop dental decay. More often than not, when a parent finally notices decay in their child's mouth the cavity is large and may actually be a source of pain and infection. To avoid this, it is recommended that at the age of one is when a child should make their first visit to the dentist. We realize this can be an emotional time for both the parent and child, but if the goal is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease that is seen between the ages of two through six years old, an early start is essential.

Why do baby teeth need to be fixed?

Your child's teeth are involved in shaping your child's face, allowing it to attain proper height. They are also involved in aiding your child to develop the proper speech patterns, such as in those sounds which require teeth, such as f, v, th, and s. Healthy teeth give a child a pleasing smile and they do not hurt while eating. On numerous occasions, pediatricians have marveled at quick increases in weight observed in children following dental care. In addition, primary teeth help maintain the space needed in each dental arch for their permanent successor, and can actually guide permanent teeth into their proper position. Neglect and premature loss of primary teeth can lead to otherwise unneeded orthodontic care.

What type of snacks should my child eat to prevent tooth decay?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reported that snacking has become the American way of life. However, 35% of all snack foods consumed were baked products, and sweetened beverages comprised 24% of all snacks. Since sweetened foods greatly contribute to tooth decay it is best to limit consumption to just dessert after dinner and try some alternative snacks such as: apples, bananas, celery sticks, cheese, and grapes.

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