Zucchero DDS

7447 W Talcott Ave,
Suite 566
Chicago, IL 60631
Languages Spoken:
English, Polish
and Spanish

Friendly Dental Office

Dental Treatment for Your Children

The dental office of Dr. Joseph Zucchero DDS is located in the Professional Building at Resurrection Hospital in Chicago, IL. For over 30 years, he has provided dental treatment services for infants, children, and adolescents, as well as young patients with special needs. Our waiting room is kid-friendly and offers books, toys, and games for your child to enjoy.
Joseph Zucchero DDS

Fun Ambiance

Many of our children share their bright smiles and special thank-yous by sending photographs and messages to Dr. Zucchero. These are posted in a display case in the waiting room of our dental office for all visitors to see. We also have an exam room with an atmosphere made friendlier by art pieces especially created for Dr. Zucchero by his patients.
Joseph Zucchero DDS
Joseph Zucchero DDS
Joseph Zucchero DDS
Joseph Zucchero DDS
Joseph Zucchero DDS
Joseph Zucchero DDS

Child-Friendly Dental Office

Parents are welcome to join their children in the exam room, where Dr. Zucchero will provide a thorough analysis on the development of your child’s teeth. At this time, you can ask him any questions related to the dental care of your child. Children even gain practical knowledge on how to maintain their oral health for a lifetime during these appointments, so consult Dr. Zucchero today.

Call Us for an Appointment

At the dental office of Joseph Zucchero DDS, we want your child’s teeth to last a lifetime. We have the knowledge, education and experience to make this happen. Let us be part of your child’s dental care journey as early as possible.Call our dental office at (773) 792-2347 to schedule an appointment. We also provide Dental Excusal Slips so children can be excused from school with no effect on their attendance record.
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